Undergraduate 项目

The first step is yours to take. With more than 95 areas of study 和 learning experiences across the globe, 博天堂官方入口登陆登录 can help you forge your future. There are no boundaries, only endless horizons, waiting to be explored. Want to know what kind of courses you'll take, or what your schedule might look like? Request a four-year plan for your area of study. Select 专业 also offer the opportunity for an accelerated path to get started on a career sooner with our Carroll3直接录取 项目.

The list below includes our 专业, where you'll concentrate the majority of your study in pursuit of your degree. Some 专业 are supplemented by collections of courses called 重点 (e) which enhance your study in a particular area 和 will appear on your transcript. A few 专业 also have options for 跟踪(t), which are recommended paths within the major to focus your study. Below the major list, you'll find our 未成年人, which you can choose to add on to broaden your learning in other subjects.




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